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Welcome to Envitest Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.,

We commit to what we Claim and Deliver the prospects we undertake with Impartiality, Promptness, Innovative and High Quality Testing Services.
We are in the process of building a world class infrastructure step by step with the Environmental Test Facilities to start with. We want to be pioneer with the Testing Services which are the current need in the India and world-wide and help our Customers, Manufacturers and Developers of the product to give the best in class solutions.

Envitest Laboratories Pvt Ltd

Testing Services

With Fleet of 9 Thermal chambers, Salt spray chamber and Vibration shaker Envitest Lab offers a wide range of services including, Temperature, Humidity, Vibration, Drop Impact, Thermal Shock, Salt Spray/Corrosion, & more. With back-up support of range of electrical and electronic test equipment, We excel at finding Unique Testing solutions to meet Custom/Specialized requirements to our customers.

Accurate and Professional

Envitest Lab understands the needs of our customers with professional approach such that our customer’s products are Safe and Tend the intended results. Whether it’s a Long-Term, Repeat Testing or just a One-Time Service, our goals are the same; to assist you in providing Peace-of-Mind and Increased Confidence in your products.


Empowering Products

Envitest Lab always strives to make the test comprehensive by providing a professional approach and handing over the right data and results more accurately and impartially. Envitest Lab’s ability to get the technically valid result. Involving people, knowledge, equipment, supplies and process with tagline “getting it right” with well-placed system to ensure impartiality, consistency, reliability thus empowering our customer’s to have best sustainability in the market.


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Our Industries

Did your testing experience never looked so good?
There’s so much to discover with Envitest Laboratories. Your ideal match for your Cost-Effective Quality Testing..

Medical Products

We provide Medical Product Testing and Medical Devices Testing for a variety of products and to meet a variety of National and International Standards including ASTM, IEC and other customer requirements.
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Regulatory Services

Department of Electronics & Information Technology (DeitY) initiated Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS) through a gazetted order and brought in 44 product categories under this mandatory compliance scheme.
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Automotive Products

ENVITEST Lab will provide environmental simulation testing for a variety of automotive testing applications including Modal Testing, Vibration and Noise Testing, Reliability Testing and Life Testing.
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Telecommunication Services

We are capable and have experience in testing products to Telecommunication Test Standards and can also Custom Design a test to your requirements.
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Energy Industries

We have experience Testing Battery packs used in Electric Vehicles, Testing Solar Panels used to provide power to homes, Testing components used in electrical products and appliance and more.
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Defence & Aerospace Products

When it comes to Validating Systems and Components, Testing is very serious to ensure product Reliability on the field.
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What's New?

Planning and Execution of Environmental Test Sequences


Planning and Execution of Environmental Test Sequences

Electrical units are operated by electrical and electroniccomponents. An environmental test sequence is useful for testingelectrical units to reduce reliability issues. Here we want to help out on testsequence guidelines based on relevant principles and considerationsfor electronic testing according to International Standard IEC-60068-X-XXand the United States Military Standard MIL-STD-810G. Continue reading “Planning and Execution of Environmental Test Sequences”

General Accreditation Guidance for ISO 17025: 2017

General Accreditation Guidance for ISO 17025: 2017

Purpose and Background Information

The most popular standard for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories has just been updated, taking into account the latest changes in laboratory environment and work practices.

ISO/IEC 17025:2017, General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories, is the international reference for laboratories carrying out calibration and testing activities around the world. Continue reading “General Accreditation Guidance for ISO 17025: 2017”