About Us

ENVITEST LABORATORIES PVT LTD, a Bangalore based test house established in 2017 envisages testing and measurements, pre-compliance and certification for the manufactured units for Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Automotive, Defence, Telecom, Information Technology equipments including IOT products, Industrial and various other similar industries products.

Envitest Lab specializes in providing best and optimal solutions for any of the product or component that undergoes various stress conditions during its life-time of use due to its exposure to various environmental conditions, vibration, electrical variations at different geographical zones.

Envitest Laboratories has equipped itself with the High precision Test Systems used across the world to investigate these sustainability/reliability of the products/components manufactured in various industries to Test the Reliability, Competency and Life Expectancy of any given product manufactured to ensure its performance to withstand the extreme stress conditions in what so ever way under the scope of testing.

Safety Reliability

Safety & Reliability

At Envitest Laboratories, we are excited to help make an impact by improving the Safety and Reliability of products people use every day.

Product Quality

Product Quality

By providing environmental testing services at our testing laboratories, we mark to our customers to provide testing solutions that help ensure Product Quality and Reliability.

Our Team

Envitest Lab comprises of highly qualified and experienced team of Engineers with 18+ years of experience in the testing domain. We with our credible experience ensure that your products are tested right at first time and ensures that “once right……always right”.

Our Focused Experience and working knowledge in the same field with specialization in testing various products ensures that tests carried out are right and sensible. Our team is trained, enhances and enriched with the new technologies and process to keep them up to date. Envitest is ISO 17025 accredited laboratory from NABL and our process, management and Techniques for process improvement in the scope testing are in terms with National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL), New Delhi. Envitest Lab has hands on experience in the line of Testing various products against National and International Test Standards, Design and Consultancy, Program Management, Marketing of Testing and Certification Services, CRM and Sales Administration in the line of Business.

Our Insights



We want to Empower our Customers, Manufacturers and Developers whoever seek our support, assistance by providing them the best solution with Impartiality, Promptness, Innovative and High Quality Testing Services. We will treat our customers, employees, our community and our environment with upmost significance aiming to Become one of the Globally Recognized Brand.



We want to build a Committed and Sustainable Centre of Excellence Test Lab to serve various testing needs across the National and International Test Standards by providing impartial, reliable, high quality and environmental friendly test lab, where we provide more precise testing solutions and results in the field of Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Automotive, Aerospace, Medical and associated industries.

Value Proposition


Pre-Compliance and Compliance Testing is our Business, more so is the customer deliverables. We are a young team in this technically critical business, but our expertise profile will give full energy to our customers to experience. We will be here around for long to give the sense of our involvement to our customer’s projects and our variety of activity within the domain.